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Links to Other Sites about Recognizing and Recovering from Spiritual Abuse

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This post is actually a duplicate of the Links page that is listed at the top of the screen.   I will be updating the Links page there periodically, so bookmark it and check back if you are interested!

This is a loosely organized list of links about abuse in churches, organizations and families, as well as some with general theology.  I do not endorse everything you will find on these sites, and trust you will read with appropriate discernment.  If you see a problem or if you would like to suggest more sites, please e-mail me at  Thank you!

All of the links on this page are to outside sites.  Links to my top posts on this blog here: My Favorite Posts.

Recognizing and Recovering from Abuse or Legalism
  • Spiritual Abuse Recovery Resources  This site by Jeff VanVonderen (author of The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse and Soul Repair) is full of articles and links to other sites.
  • What is Spiritual Abuse? (site is mainly addresses United Pentecostal Church abuses, but this page is good general info and includes a video interview with Stephen Arterburn about Toxic Faith: Surviving Spiritual Abuse)
  • Church Abuse -- another good general site with plenty of links and articles

Sovereign Grace Ministries

These blogs are dedicated to addressing the issues of abuse, authoritarian leadership, and legalism in  in Sovereign Grace Ministries.  Just to warn you, there are also stories of grossly mishandled sexual molestation and domestic violence cases.  It is not pretty.
  • Sovereign Grace Refuge and Reform has less traffic and tends to be more restrained.  You can have followup comments e-mailed to you.
  • Sovereign Grace Survivors is an active board and can be a little heated at times.
  • Brent Detwiler -- Brent is a former SGM pastor who has leveled serious charges against CJ Mahaney
Family, Child Discipline, Home Schooling, and Patriarchy/Patriocentricity

  • That Mom by Karen Campbell: -- the most complete source for information on the negative influences of legalistic or patriocentristic family dynamics and home schooling.  Specific posts and series:
  • Submission Is Not Silence by Elisabeth Pent Julin: (for wives)
  • Recovering Grace - for families who have been involved in or negatively affected by Bill Gothard's IBLP and/or ATI organizations
  • Quivering Daughters by Hilary McFarland - -- for young adult women (and people who care about them) who have struggled growing up in full quiver, legalistic and/or patriocentristic families
  • Tulip Girl's Ezzo Posts and Ezzo.Info address problems with the Growing Kids God's Way and Babywise programs by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo.
  • Tulip Girl's Pearl/To Train Up a Child Posts series on the serious problems in Michael and Debi Pearl's To Train Up a Child and No Greater Joy resources.  

Theology (Orthodox and Otherwise)

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