Friday, October 31, 2014

Let's End Domestic Violence - Not Just the Awareness Month

Dear friends,

It's October 31, and this month has been Domestic Violence Awareness month. The month might be ending, but unfortunately domestic violence has not. One quick look at the news will show you that.

I'm not just thinking about physical violence between intimate partners, but also emotional abuse, and abuse of other members of the family (such as children and the elderly. Let's not forget human trafficking victims either.

You can do your part. Educate yourself and others. Take a stand. Intervene in an abusive situation if needed. And by all means, get to safety if you or your children are in danger.

I have included a whole bunch of images in this post that you can download to your computer and then upload again to post on Facebook, your blog, or other social media. And please share this post on Facebook or your blog, too!

My domestic violence resource page has a bunch of links, including my own articles, but here are some links that aren't on there yet. I encourage you to read them carefully.

Here are the links:

As a reminder, here are the links to my own DV articles:

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  1. Very informative article. We just worked with a family of abuse and everyone is hurt in the process. Thank you for all the information links. I am stopping by from Whole Hearted Home Linkup. Blessings! Cathy