Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Essays on Abuse in Families and Churches

Dear friends,

I have been writing about abuse in families and churches for the past several years. It's not exactly pleasant or easy, but I feel like it is making a difference. I want my words to be a bridge to understanding and safety and healing.

I wish I could share with you some of the letters that arrive in my inbox as a response to what I’ve written so far, but for discretion’s sake I won’t. I will tell you that they are heartbreaking.  Families are hurting. Badly. Multiply that by the stories I read on blogs, especially by those who have been wounded by the patriarchal edge of the home schooling movement. Ouch. Oh, and the news stories. Sweet heavens, when will it end?

Why am I still doing this? 
  • Because it still happens
  • Because it is serious
  • Because it affects people I care about
  • Because not enough people are aware of it
  • Because something can be done if people are willing to speak up and speak out

Do I write out of fear? No, I write because I have lost my fear. I am gaining new God-given confidence every day. 

Do I write out of bitterness? No, I write out of compassion, because I can’t stand to watch people I love or even people I have never met get hurt. 

Here is a list of links to most of my essays on abuse:

Domestic Violence in Families

The Dynamics of Abusive, Controlling Relationships

Spiritual Abuse

Grace and peace,

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